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I'm a single mom... and I just quit my job. How I afford to stay home with my children and work from home

How I can afford to stay home as a single mom

I actually did it, last Friday was my last day. I am terrified. I have worked the last 3 years ...
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Never pay late fees again with this method

I have a very tight budget and one late fee will send the whole thing out of whack. Suddenly I ...
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All natural cleaners that you can make with items already in your pantry.

7 Simple Cleaners you can make at home

I hate the smell of chemicals, especially the most hated of all, bleach. My ex-husband always loved when he came ...
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Sick of the cold and snow? Start now to make your Spring smoother and more productive.

Getting an early start on spring

I know, it’s barely March and I’m talking about gardening already. But if you are the type who starts your ...
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Are you unsure if a credit card is a good move for you? Take this quiz to see if you would be a good match or a disaster.

Is having a credit card right for you? Take this quiz to find out.

There are so many articles out there; “Do I need a credit card?”, “Why everyone should have a credit card”, ...
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Anyone can save money if they apply these practical skills do their daily life. Frugality is a choice and a lifestyle.

Skills every frugal person needs

I save money using many frugal skills, my favorite is probably paying cash and following Dave Ramsey's money system. Other ...
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Is life so busy that the thought of adding saving money is overwhelming? Here are simple and practical ways to save money with a hectic lifestyle.

How can I save money when I’m so busy?

I get it. It's 6pm, you are on the way home and the thought of cooking once you get there is as ...
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10 things you can do to lower to your heat bill

And no, I am not telling you, turn your thermostat down to 65 degrees. I would freeze. I settle for ...
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Good reference of Homesteading Principles for when you have a small space but want to be more self-reliant and save money.

10 ways to apply homesteading principles without owning land

Are you in love with the homesteading idea? The thought of producing your own food and goods is appealing, but ...
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Simple step by step guide to making sure your budget works for you. How to budget like a boss to make your money stretch further

How to budget like a boss

I hate it when the weekend comes, but my wallet doesn't get the memo. I have bills to pay and no ...
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Saving money tips for the practical person. 50 Common sense ways to save money in the real world

50 ways to save money on a limited income

I love saving money! The rush of the sale, the thrill of finding a better price, and the victory of ...
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Christmas is expensive, here are tips from a single mom on how to make an amazing Christmas with a frugal price tag.

Have Christmas without going into debt

Christmas is expensive! I remember looking at trees last year and thinking "I can't afford $40 for a TREE". That didn't ...
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10 simple everyday recipes for under $2. Frugal meals to feed your family.

10 Frugal Meals for under $2

This is how I easily make 2 weeks worth of weeknight meals for under $20. The main concept is to ...
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Do you have trouble keeping track of your budget or updating your budget every week? Try a budget app to keep your budget right at your fingertips and save money by knowing what you can spend.

What’s this budget app thing all about?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I did not receive any compensation for this post (not that I would be ...
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Is your cash budget not making the cut? Do you borrow from one account to bolster another? Learn how to stop borrowing from your budget and make long-term goals.

Transform your budget with a quick trip to the bank

I love my budget, it's the best financial move I made. But I was having a real problem with my envelope ...
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Do you tend to spend money when you are sad or upset? Emotional spending can be a big problem and lead to financial stress. Learn 10 ways to cope with the issue and kick the emotional spending habit.

How to stop emotional spending

It has been a bad day. My ex-husband showed up to take my kids, I am all alone and I ...
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One Gallon Detergent Recipe for people who don't want to make 5 gallons at a time. This recipe is incredibly easy and is great for people with sensitive skin.

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent

I was complaining to a friend about the cost of liquid laundry detergent from the store that was both unscented and ...
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Do you feel overwhelmed by your finances but don't know where to start? These are the steps I take to take back control of my money.

Where to start when you’re feeling like a financial failure

It's 3am and I am sitting at my desk staring at the pile of medical and legal bills that have ...
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Lessons from a frugal and practical generation. Financial advice that my father has passed down through the years.

Financial advice from a frugal father

40 something years ago, my mother and father traveled to Montana in an old pickup with everything they owned in it ...
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10 Ways to frugally build and maintain a backyard homestead in the middle of the city.

10 Ways to save money Backyard Homesteading

"I don't want the bland tasting veggies from the store after being spoiled with FREE produce from my own garden." Last ...
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Sick of the choices at the store but don't have a lot of time to spend sewing? I made my own curtains in under and hour and for under $10. A great choice for anyone who wants something custom and easy!

Easy DIY curtains for under $10

I wanted to update my daughters room, but I don't have a lot of money to spend around the house. Looking around ...
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Do you go over your food budget time and again? Here are 10 easy ways to make your budget stretch even further when it comes to food.

10 Handy tips to make your food budget last all month

"That's when I get to get creative" I love finding ways to save money on everyday things, and even better ...
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I cool a 3 bedroom house every summer with an apartment sized A/C unit. Follow these tricks to learn how.

Beat the summer heat with 15 cool tricks

When I was younger I built fence with my dad, one summer the temps reached to 105 while we were ...
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Walking the fine line between frugality and hoarding can be difficult. Here's how to tell if you are a frugal hoarder and how to fix the problem.

Is your frugality promoting hoarding?

"I realized in that moment that I was a frugal hoarder." The other day I looked around and realized that ...
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Do you have 15 minutes? Here are some of my favorite recipes to make a nutritious and delicious breakfast every day of the week.

Breakfast in 15

I am always in a rush in the mornings (and all the time for that matter), but I make sure ...
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Are you thinking of trying one of these new fangled raised garden beds? I built three in my back yard for the cost of nails alone.

Building a raised garden

I have very little time, less than enough for dealing with a new garden. Not with breaking the sod and ...
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Are you killing your budget (and not in a good way)? Here are 10 reasons that you aren't able to stick to your budget. Avoid these and you will be on the fast track to saving.

10 things that are guaranteed to keep you in debt

"Debt is a tool".  My ex-husband loved to say that as an excuse to take out an unneeded loan or buy ...
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Do you start a savings plan only to become discouraged after a few weeks and give up? You are not alone, and here is why.

Why your savings plan doesn’t work

I was at a friend's house recently and saw one of those printable saving plans taped to her fridge. You ...
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Cutting the cord feels like you're lost, what do you do next, where do you go with life after cable?

I cut the cord, now what?

I work with about 20 women who all love to hear what new, weird thing I did this weekend (I ...
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Are you wanting to start all those big DIY projects you've been planning but don't want to spend a lot? These 7 tips will help you make your plans come to life without putting you in the poor house.

5+ Ways to save on your next DIY Project

"Necessity is the mother of invention" Spring has sprung, and with it all of the outside projects that I have been ...
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Ditch the dryer sheets with a cheap, easy, and chemical free alternative! Dry your clothes faster and make they mast longer with this simple trick.

Getting rid of dryer sheets

I hate chemicals! In this day and age there are chemicals in everything, one of my daughters has very sensitive ...
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Compost Bins for $5 - wanting to start composting without investing a ton of money in an expensive commercial compost bin? Make your own for a fraction of the price.

$5 Compost bins

I hate throwing out perfectly good food. I have a gallon bag in the freezer that is full of scraps ...
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How to avoid lunch burnout - when you can't afford to buy lunch everyday, you need to find inspiration to keep making tempting and healthy food. Don't let brown-bag burnout happen to you.

Are you too busy to pack a lunch?

It's 6am and you are staring at the leftovers in your fridge thinking nothing looks good for taking to work ...
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Homemade Baby Wipes - Soft and moist, a big relief from the drying and chemical loaded baby wipes.

Homemade Baby Wipes

I just love these wipes, they take only a few minutes to make and are so much better for diaper ...
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Do you take a lunch break? Then you could make that time count to score some great deals at your local thrift store. Find out how to make 30 minutes work for you.

30 Minute Bargain Shopping Challenge

"I can't leave it here, it will be lonely without me!" With so many activities and priorities vying for my attention ...
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Do you ever just look around your house and think "boring"? Here are 10 ways to give your house a facelift without spending anything.

10 Ways to give your house a facelift with what you already have

March is always a slow month for us, the house starts to close in on me and I suddenly find ...
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Use thrift shopping to save on everyday kid's items. Watch the savings stack up and then use that money to splurge on something fun!

Saving BIG on kids items

Everything is so expensive when there are kids to buy for. I went to the store this weekend to look ...
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5 Easy ways to use Peppermint Oil - saving money by using this one simple oil in your house.

5 Easy ways to use Peppermint Oil to save money

I have always liked the smell of Peppermint essential oils, but I became obsessed with it after reading that spiders don't ...
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10 Simple changes that will make a big impact on your life - how to make your 2016 a better year with a better life -

10 Habits to impliment in 2016

With the new year upon us, it is time to look forward and set those goals for making our live ...
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Christmas the Thrifty Way - saving money by planning ahead this Christmas. How to have a wonderful and memorable Christmas without breaking the bank or taking out a loan.

Lifehacks: 6 ways to spend under $100 this Christmas

Tis the season. The season for worrying about your budget and how you can afford to buy something for everyone ...
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Want to enjoy the fall season with your kids but need someplace to start? Here is a list of 10 simple and fun activities to you get you outside and in the fall spirit.

10 FREE Things to do this fall

Pumpkin spice, hay rides, changing colors. It's no wonder that fall is my favorite time of the year. Here in ...
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15 ways to stop spending and start saving money that are in your power and you can start immediately.

15 ways to save money – Right Now

I know that there is no way to stop spending money completely. As much as we all wish we could ...
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What do you do when you don't want to go to the store? Make a meal with what you have. 5 websites that give you recipe ideas based on what you have right now.

Making more with less

I hate throwing food out, it feels like I failed at buying groceries and I can practically hear my budget crying at ...
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Are you intrigued by thiw stockpiling trend, but don't know where to start? Here's how a single mother stockpiles in the real world.

Building a basic pantry stockpile

It is extremely annoying to be making a menu plan, go to the pantry and find out I am out ...
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Why I don't coupon - Coupons aren't for everyone. Save without spending hours on finding and clipping ot coupons.

Why I don’t coupon

I loved hearing my sister boast about her latest coupon-ing excursion, how she only spent $5 on a $50 shopping ...
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Brown Bag Lunches - save money by packing your own lunch for work. Learn how to pack a lunch that will make you excited for lunch time..

5 ways to pack a better brown bag lunch

I pack lunches each day rather than eat out. If I added it up, I would spend over $40 a week ...
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How to decorate on a budget

I love my house, mixed in with the seemingly endless amount of toys underfoot, I decorate with fun and eclectic pieces that do not ...
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Can't afford a new wardrobe? Dress fabulously without spending a lot.

Best deals on Thrift Store Clothes

You have all seen the current trend of thrift shopping, buying old fashioned clothes or re-making them into something fun ...
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Do you end up throwing out food every month? Hundreds of dollars can be saved with just 5 minutes a week for a menu plan.

How to create a menu plan

During the week I only have two hours to make supper, eat, wash-up, and play with my kids before bed time. I ...
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Discount foods are a great way to save a ton of money on the grocery budget. Save over 50% each month.

10 foods to buy discount

I was single and kid-free when I first heard about discount food stores and I immediately thought "green meat and moldy food" so ...
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Want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to buying clothes? Follow these simple 10 commandments to make your thrift shopping trip a win!

The 10 commandments of shopping in thrift stores

Thrift store shopping is all about the thrill of the find, that perfect clothing item that you never knew you ...
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How we live frugally while still living well

Over a year ago I found myself as a newly single mother of two, with no money. I had to ...
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