Frugal Recipe

10 simple everyday recipes for under $2. Frugal meals to feed your family.

10 Frugal Meals for under $2

This is how I easily make 2 weeks worth of weeknight meals for under $20. The main concept is to use your leftovers to make more meals. I love cooking a $5 whole chicken and then shredding the leftover meat for chicken noodle soup, chicken n’ dumplins, and chicken enchiladas. Many of these recipes are in […]

Simple Bread recipe, this bread is very versatile and easy to make. I make rolls, loaves, bread bowls, twists and many other loaf styles out of this one recipe. A great stand by recipe that makes a very large amount.

Easy French Bread Recipe

WARNING: This recipe makes a very large amount of bread! I end up freezing half of the loaves and giving some bread away as well when I make this recipe. My neighbors love it because they always end up with some. I have not tried freezing the dough yet, but I do want to try and figure […]

Easy and quick weeknight meal that everyone will love. This recipe is packed with veggies and a sweet sauce.

Lo Mein Recipe

This is an easy and delicious recipe, my picky toddlers gobble this up and ask for more. They don’t even pick out the veggies. The sweet and rich sauce is what makes this recipe such a hit. When I first made this and read brown sugar, I almost skipped it, it seemed so out of […]