Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Growing up we weren’t allowed to wake my parents up to open presents until 6am. When you are 5 and there are presents under the tree, the wait is terrible. However, we were allowed to go through our stockings and play with what was in there. Our parent’s wisely included things that would keep us busy until we could wake them up. These are a few of the things that could save your sanity, and sleep, on Christmas morning.

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  1. Paint Your Own Train Kit
  2. Dollar Store Coloring Book and crayons/markers/colored pencils
  3. Slinky (who doesn’t like a Slinky?)
  4. Foam Airplane Kit
  5. Sticker Book
  6. Some fun Christmas socks
  7. Nail Polish (If you are very brave)
  8. Set of Lacing Cards (or you can make your own)
  9. Pack of Snack Crackers
  10. Sidewalk Chalk
  11. A small Lego kit
  12. Watercolors (the cheap little sets are best, they last FOREVER!)
  13. Ear-buds
  14. Simple Needlepoint Kit
  15. A Christmas Book or the latest in whatever series they are reading (I always got a new Nancy Drew or horse book)
  16. A piece of fruit (we always got an Orange in our stockings, it just wasn’t Christmas without our Christmas Orange)
  17. Beads or a necklace/bracelet kit
  18. Toy cars (Hotwheels for bigger kids or big blocky cars for little hands)
  19. Perler Beads (you will have more magnets and coasters than you know what to do with)
  20. Chapstick or fun lip gloss
  21. A gift card for their favorite online game or an iTunes gift card
  22. Wooden Dinosaur Model
  23. A pair of cotton gloves or mittens
  24. A fun pencil case
  25. Uno, PIT, or another fun card game
  26. A fun movie (I pick ours out of the $5 bin)
  27. IQ Puzzles
  28. Finger Paints
  29. A new toothbrush and fun toothpaste
  30. Dominos
  31. Bubbles
  32. Jump-rope
  33. A set of Jax
  34.  A bag of clearance out Halloween candy (they won’t care, it’s candy!)
  35. A Paint by Numbers set
  36. New hair ties (or a cute flexi, I can help you pick out the correct size)
  37. A bag of Goldfish crackers (fish would be fun too, just make sure they’re double bagged)
  38. Play-Doh
  39. A set of juggling balls
  40. Some fun and warm house slippers

What sorts of things did you get in your stocking growing up? What are you putting in your kids stockings this year?

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