Stocking Stuffers for Men

I know a lot of my sisters and friends have trouble thinking of ideas to get their mister for their Christmas stockings. Let’s face it, even grown-ups like getting stockings at Christmas time.

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  1. Heavy wool socks
  2. A Leatherman
  3. Hand/Foot warmers
  4. A Flashlight/Bottle Opener Keychain (I really want this!)
  5. A small bottle of his favorite hot-sauce
  6. A Grill Spatula
  7. A tube of salami or other cured meats
  8. Fudge
  9. A year’s subscription to a magazine (cars, hunting, whatever he’s into)
  10. Ear-buds
  11. A mustache comb
  12. A new stocking cap
  13. Tie pin
  14. New coffee cup
  15. A straight razor (most men think they’re cool, I have no clue why)
  16. Charging cord for their phone
  17. A shaving cup and brush (to go with their straight razor)
  18. A movie you can watch together
  19. Meat thermometer
  20. Money clip
  21. Travel Mug
  22. Manly Air Freshener
  23. Gloves
  24. A coupon for a back rub
  25. Headlamp
  26. Beard Oil
  27. Notepad and pen
  28. A couple Slim Jims
  29. A collapsible water bottle
  30. New watch
  31. Meat Shredding Claws
  32. Wallet
  33. An iTunes gift card
  34. This awesome calendar
  35. A small bottle of their favorite coffee creamer
  36. A couple packets of popcorn
  37. Some new flashlights for the car/ by the door, etc. (the link is for a 4 pack, so you can stretch them out over several people)
  38. New shoelaces
  39. Some canisters of seasoning if they like to grill
  40. The gift of Nothing

I hope these help, I always needed help around the holidays thinking of little things to get him. Ladies – What would you add to the list? Gentlemen – What would you like to get in your stocking?

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