Stocking Stuffers for Women

Okay men, this one is for you. Do you ever have problems thinking of what to get her for stocking stuffers? This is a list made by women, with an honest view on what we enjoy getting.

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  1. Soothing bubble bath
  2. Fuzzy, cozy socks
  3. A gift card for something she likes (spa day/manicure/haircut and style) You can buy them at the shop’s websites usually, so you don’t have to venture into the spa/salon yourself
  4. A fun card game to play together
  5. Some small chocolates (every holiday should be celebrated with chocolate)
  6. Some warm gloves
  7. A movie to watch together
  8. An ice-scraper for her car
  9. Chapstick
  10. Lotion (even a smell that you like)
  11. Tea
  12. A scarf
  13. coloring book and colored pencils
  14. Ear-buds
  15. A magazine subscription for the year (I always liked Real Simple)
  16. A cute magnetic notepad
  17. A new phone case
  18. Gift card to her favorite coffee shop
  19. A pretty coffee mug
  20. Phone cover
  21. A ring holder
  22. A flashlight for her car
  23. A flexi. If you message me I can help you pick which size would work best for her
  24. Those toe-separator thingies for painting their toenails and some polish (red is pretty safe)
  25. A coupon for a complimentary foot rub
  26. A charger cord for her phone (you can never have enough charging cords)
  27. Re-usable coffee sleeve
  28. Pens for Her
  29. Post-its – they are great for making reminders
  30. New watch
  31. A new winter cap
  32. Sunglasses
  33. A fancy water bottle
  34. A pack of recipe cards (ONLY if she likes to cook)
  35. This book (trust me)
  36. Individual packets of Hot Chocolate
  37. Some knitting needles and yarn (if you know she likes to craft)
  38. A mini sewing kit
  39. Some cute and fun cupcake wrappers
  40. Pick out some pretty jewelry (honestly, don’t worry about the style too much, anything that YOU pick out, she will love)

Men – If you have anything you would add (or warn men against getting), what would it be?

Ladies – what would you love to get in your stocking for Christmas?

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