Saving BIG on kids items

Everything is so expensive when there are kids to buy for. I went to the store this weekend to look at new clothes for my children and choked when I saw their prices. $10 for a T-Shirt, no thank you! I buy all my clothes from thrift shopping and most of our household goods came from second hand stores. These are the 5 things that I save the most on consistently.

12552265_1509450812719109_952626307_n1. Toys

I walk through the toy aisle every time I go into a thrift shop. I bought my three year old a brand-new quality Bitty Baby for $4 last week (they cost around $65 new), and a huge, unopened marble maze for $5. Well-made toys are a fraction of the price when you can find them at a thrift shop, I wipe them down very well with a vinegar/water spray before letting my kids play with them, or I run them through the dishwasher if they are made of plastic.

2. Bedding

Small children go through a lot of bedding (especially during potty training). I started building up a small stock pile of sheets for my daughter’s bed so I could just switch sheets in the middle of the night when accidents inevitably happen. Instead of paying $15 for a pair of twin sheets from the store, I can get them for $3 or $4. Sheets are also handy if you like to sew, I picked up some thrift store sheets last week to repurpose into re-usable shopping bags.

3. Footwear

I have a giant bin of shoes in the store room closet. Every time that my daughters outgrow their shoes, I pull out the shoe bin before going to the store to buy any new shoes. I check the kid shoes every time I go into the thrift store to see if they have any nice pairs, then add them to the bin. Right now my three year old is obsessed with a pair of pink, light-up cowboy boots that I paid $2 for when she was 18 months old (she won’t wear anything else).

08141619124. Seasonal clothes

With the snow and cold weather outside, it is the perfect time to pick out summer clothes (sounds sensible to me!). Our thrift stores are bad about upping prices on seasonal clothing, so in summer a pair of cotton shorts will cost $3 or $4. But during the winter they are only $0.99, and often are half-price as well. Just buying for the opposite season saves me a lot of money (I like to use storage totes that fit under the bed).

5. Books

My daughters and I LOVE to read, we are going through all the Ronald Dahl books right now. I choke a little whenever I look at kid’s books in the book store where they cost $9 or $10 a piece. At our Goodwill all the children’s books are $0.69, whether they are a board book or a chapter book. It is a great way to build up a read-aloud library. Every time I go to a thrift store I look for books that we can read together. I have a long list of books that I am looking for as well, I have found about 20 Serendipity books by going through the children’s books.

Just like with anything, you can find some very cute kid toys, clothes, etc., when you shop the thrift stores and check back often.

What are the best deals that you have found while thrift shopping?