My History with Hair

Lilla Rose Hair Jewlery has saved my hair! Literally. I wore my hair very short for years. This is about 7 years ago, I had worn this style since I was about 12 years old.

I just didn’t want to deal with hair, I love long hair but it takes so long to maintain. It was just easier to chop it off.

Lilla Rose has been such a wonderful way to save my hair, my hair is currently down to my chest and is still growing quickly. I love having the hair to play with and the ability to do wonderful and beautiful styles quickly.

Because Lilla Rose flexis are made with Piano Wire, they don’t break my hair off when I pull them out, I have had trouble with my hair getting thicker as the broken ends grow out. Oh wait… that’s pretty much the opposite of a problem.

There are a ton of different ways to do your hair, with tutorial videos offered by the company. Just visit the Lilla Rose website and click on Sizing and Styling. They have videos to show you how to use the flexi, U-Pins and Hairsticks. Plus, there is a video to show you how to size your own hair. Sizing is very important, because what’s the point if you buy something fabulous but it isn’t the right size?


“They are perfect! I’ve already used one of them! Thank you so much!” – Jo

“I put my hair up today and have not had to adjust it once! My husband was quite impressed because I’m always having to readjust my hair, haha”¬†

“I¬†recently purchased one of the hair ties and love it.” – Michelle

“I’m so excited! I bought one at the craft fair on Sunday!!! I am in love with these!” – Josie

“These work great in my hair!!!!”