Easy and quick weeknight meal that everyone will love. This recipe is packed with veggies and a sweet sauce.

Lo Mein Recipe

This is an easy and delicious recipe, my picky toddlers gobble this up and ask for more. They don’t even pick out the veggies. The sweet and rich sauce is what makes this recipe such a hit. When I first made this and read brown sugar, I almost skipped it, it seemed so out of […]

Banana Pancakes that are simple and delicious. These are a sure hit, you will never want to eat pancakes from a mix again. www.fashionablyfrugal.net

Banana Pancakes

These are the most simple, moist, and delicious pancakes you will ever make. They are a favorite for my family (plus, I make them to use up all the extra banana baby food I was given). I originally got this recipe from a cookbook called “Help, My Apartment Has A Kitchen” which is AWESOME! I got […]