Simple Bread recipe, this bread is very versatile and easy to make. I make rolls, loaves, bread bowls, twists and many other loaf styles out of this one recipe. A great stand by recipe that makes a very large amount.

Easy French Bread Recipe

WARNING: This recipe makes a very large amount of bread! I end up freezing half of the loaves and giving some bread away as well when I make this recipe. My neighbors love it because they always end up with some. I have not tried freezing the dough yet, but I do want to try and figure […]

Ditch the dryer sheets with a cheap, easy, and chemical free alternative! Dry your clothes faster and make they mast longer with this simple trick.

Getting rid of dryer sheets

I hate chemicals! In this day and age there are chemicals in everything, one of my daughters has very sensitive skin and so we can’t have any scented laundry detergent or dryer sheets. When I talked (complained) to a friend about it, she mentioned that her grandmother used to throw in a crumpled sheet of […]

Compost Bins for $5 - wanting to start composting without investing a ton of money in an expensive commercial compost bin? Make your own for a fraction of the price.

$5 Compost bins

I hate throwing out perfectly good food. I have a gallon bag in the freezer that is full of scraps from my carrots, onions, celery, etc. so I can make veggie stock when it’s full. But there still is all the other things that get thrown out, egg shells, coffee grounds, banana peels, that I […]

Grilled Cheese Roundup - 7 tried and true recipes that are easy and use things you have on hand. Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day by trying something new.

Grilled Cheese Recipe Roundup

In celebration of this wondrous national day of grilled cheese, (which I think should be a National Holiday, write your congressmen!), I made a round-up of my favorite grilled cheese recipes from all over the internet. All of these recipes are easy to make with no fancy or expensive ingredients, these are recipes that I make at home myself.   […]

Homemade Baby Wipes - Soft and moist, a big relief from the drying and chemical loaded baby wipes.

Homemade Baby Wipes

I just love these wipes, they take only a few minutes to make and are so much better for diaper rash and sensitive skin than the store bought wipes that feel dry. You also get to pick out or design a cute container (I used a plastic Folgers Coffee can and spray painted it bright blue). Since […]