Lifehacks: 6 ways to spend under $100 this Christmas

Tis the season. The season for worrying about your budget and how you can afford to buy something for everyone in your life. I am going to share how I spend less than $100 on presents for Christmas.

Plan ahead

I knew that my daughter would be into playing house this Christmas, so last year I watched a play kitchen set at Target during the ‘after Christmas’ clearance. It was originally $144, I waited and waited (making sure they had several in the store) until it bottomed out at $26.84. I purchased the kitchen set in February and have kept it stored in my parent’s house so my daughter wouldn’t see it.

Buy online

You can find great deals with Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. so easily now with sites like Hip2Save. I keep an eye on current deals and buy little things throughout the year, I picked up pots and pans for my daughter’s kitchen for $7.99. This is a great way to get stocking stuffers too, watch on Amazon for add-ons when you make an order.

Buy Used

Along with my daughters kitchen set, I am including a play shopping basket that I found at Goodwill, along with a few of those extra serving spoons you get with new pans from my own kitchen that have never been used, .


I am an avid secret shopper, it’s how I am able to make ends meet. When I get shops where I have to make a purchase, I make sure that it is something that I can give someone for Christmas (a cute sweater or a small set of tools). Since I am reimbursed for the purchase most times, or I make more than I spent, I am essentially getting the item for an hour worth of work (depending on the job). I also do online surveys, I get paid either in gift cards, or I can order items right off of the company’s website. I ordered my daughter play food for her new kitchen from one company after doing a few weeks worth of surveys.

Keep it simple

My three year old daughter is getting the one big present and two or three smaller things that go with it. My one year old is getting a used Little Tykes car that I picked up at Goodwill and a couple of small things. I would rather have my children get one or two things that they will play with all the time, rather than a ton of stuff that will just sit around because they have too much to play with.

Don’t feel bad

I have co-workers that get everyone in the office something, I cannot afford to get everyone some fruity lotion or a coffee gift card. If you like giving someone something in return, keep a stash of emergency gifts. I have a box in my closet that is full of little things that I find on sale or clearance throughout the year, so if a friend gives me a present, I can run and get something from the box like a pair of nice socks I got as an Amazon add-on. For last minute emergencies, keep a few already wrapped with a sticky-note on it saying what is inside.

This is by no-means a complete list of how I spend so little on such a festive season, but a few of the main things that keep costs down.

What are some ways that you save on Christmas presents?