15 Last minute gift ideas that will make you look awesome

When I can’t think of what to get my sister or best friend for Christmas I always turn to a list that I update every year as I think of things that I would love to get. Rather than getting that impossible person another candle this year, check out this list for inspiration.

  1. Movie Tickets and a night of free babysitting (you will be those parent’s hero!)
  2. A year’s subscription to a magazine they would enjoy, Real Simple, Town & Country, etc.
  3. A paint-by-numbers or craft kit they can make themselves.
  4. A bouquet of flowers. At this time of year anything is welcome to brighten up the house.
  5. Do they like Chinese food? Get them a Wok and a bottle of Teriyaki sauce so they can stir-fry at home.
  6. Give the gift of a pie plate or cake pan with a baked treat already inside. Don’t forget to include the recipe on a cute recipe card too!
  7. A nice ice scraper, honestly, who doesn’t love getting something they will use every winter?
  8. Balderdash! This game of lying has been a favorite in my family for years.
  9. A potted plant in a cute planter. I love getting plants because they are a living thing (for a few weeks at least for me). Bonus points for herbs or something useful.
  10. Kids? Get them plastic sleds and take them sledding after Christmas dinner. Great gift idea for adults too!
  11. A personalized gift basket, something you put together with them in mind. It could be their favorite coffee, a cute mug, and some fun seasonal creamers. Or get more ideas from this website.
  12. A cute Notebook or Day Planner with some fun and colorful markers or pens.
  13. A cookbook and an oven mitt stuffed with kitchen utensils. Someone gave me this when I got my first place. It was one of the best gifts I ever received.
  14. If you are crafty, make them something special like a rice pack or a make-up pouch. Something homemade always is special and to be treasured.
  15. A bottle of wine and one of these Free adorable tags.

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Do you have any other ideas for last minute ideas? I can always use more to add to my list.