How we live frugally while still living well

Over a year ago I found myself as a newly single mother of two, with no money. I had to find a new job, a new home, and care for my children. By the grace of God, my family helped care for my children and find me a home. The state helped me feed my children, that was hard for me to do, swallow my pride and admit I needed help.
Since I had been a stay-at-home mother for several years I had to build a professional wardrobe from scratch on a very tight budget. We still live on a very tight budget and make do with what we can find from the thrift store for clothing. For food, I shop deals at the local discount food store and watch the clearance section at supermarkets.
Even with these boundaries I am complimented often on my clothes and my children’s, and we certainly don’t eat poorly. From talking with other women who have been in similar positions and learning to shop deals, we live well.
I am going to share how I built a professional wardrobe for under $100, eat for a week on less than $30 and decorate my home with thrift store finds or hand-me-downs from friends and family.