How to decorate on a budget

I love my house, mixed in with the seemingly endless amount of toys underfoot, I decorate with fun and eclectic pieces that do not go together in any way. The nice thing is that I did not pay a lot of money for anything in our house, I am a firm believer in never buying new (with very few exceptions).

I had only a few things after my husband left us out and did not have any idea how I could turn my little house into a home for my daughters.Everything in our home has either been given to us, or was bought second hand. The end result is a home that I love coming back to at the end of each day.


 You can find 12″ – 18″ shelves for a few dollars at the thrift store. Rather than pay $15 or more for a single shelf, you can pick one up for $2 or $3 and slap a coat of paint on it. I recently found a set of shelves for my office that are a life saver for space. My daughter loves the bright green shelves we have in our bathroom and I love the blue and gold that I repainted for in our living room. (I wish I had take a ‘before’ picture because it was UGLY!)


I have a large oval mirror in my living room that I spent $20 on at the thrift store, in a hobby store or home decor store, the same mirror easily costs $60 – $100. It takes up an entire accent wall in my home and is a beautiful focal point that brings the whole room together.



My local Goodwill is overflowing with lamps and lampshades. Most of the lamps are leftovers from the 80’s (and not the good side of the 80’s), but if you are a good DIY’er, these are a great opportunity to bring statement pieces to your house for the low cost of the lamp (usually $6 or so) and a can of spray paint. With the lamp shades, there are many great websites with tutorials on re-covering the shades to make a cheap shade look like it came from an expensive store.


Picture Frames

I love thrift store picture frames since I hang my three year old’s art on the wall. I find simple pieces that I can accent with felt flowers or buttons and hang them on my gallery wall, I use Command Strips to hang them so I can easily remove the frames when I replace the picture or drawing.


Holiday decorations

I love decorating with my daughters for holidays, but I refuse to pay a lot of money. I always take a few moments to walk through the holiday decoration aisle. Last year after Halloween, I purchased some fake pumpkins for $0.50 each and even found some fun costume pieces that went into my daughter’s dress up box.

What decorations do you save the most on with thrift shopping?