Fun Family Easter Traditions

From the traditional to the weird

A lot of the ideas I have seen in other places, some I do myself like the Shaving Cream egg dye (funnest way to dye eggs ever!), and others are just not going to happen (like cracking an egg on someone’s head).

Dying Easter Eggs

There are so many ways to dye eggs, you can do all natural dyes, those vinegar tablets, or, my favorite: Shaving Cream! Most stores will sell eggs for 99 cents a dozen or less in the weeks before Easter. Make sure that you are getting your eggs early, you don’t want to get there at the last minute and find that only a few half broken cartons are left. Lay a 99 cent plastic tablecloth down on the table (I learned that the hard way), mix some shaving cream and a few drops of food coloring in a pan, and let the kids go to town!.

Resurrection Rolls

This is one tradition I am starting this year, my sister has done it for years and loves it! You bake sweet rolls with a marshmallow inside. While you are making the rolls with the kids, you can tell them about Christ’s dying on the cross for their sins and how He was buried. After the rolls are baked, the kids open them up and they are empty! I am looking forward to the surprise on my 4 year old’s face and getting to tell her the story about the women finding an empty tomb because Jesus rose from the dead on Easter. What a wonderful, and fun, way to help your children remember the true reason for Easter.

Easter Egg Hunt

I belong to a church that does 50,000 eggs EVERY Easter; it’s not a very big church either. We all start groaning in February when Pastor starts asking people to volunteer to stuff eggs. That’s right, the people in the church volunteer! I know, I know! There’s something wrong with us. I spend the several weeks before Easter sitting on the floor, watching movies after the kids go to bed and mindlessly stuffing several thousand Easter eggs.

There are guaranteed to be some big Easter egg hunts in your city, look them up and take the kids for a energetic day of fun and candy. Make sure to visit one of the churches on Sunday too, there is plenty of room for everyone!

Go for a different type of hunt

Got rabbits?

In some areas in New Zealand it’s a tradition to get rid of them on Easter, rather than welcome them into your home. Hunter’s compete for the cash grand prize by shooting as many of the rodents as they can find. Some people are shocked, but if you have grown up around hunters and farmers like I have, you just hope someone is eating those and not letting the 20,000+ bunnies go to waste.

Easter Cookies

I love any reason to make sugar cookies with my kids (especially this recipe), so for Easter we have cross, egg, and bunny shaped cookie cutters (usually a few reindeer and hearts get mixed in too, we just roll with it). The kids love everything about making cookies: eating the dough, cutting out the cookies, eating the dough, and especially decorating them. I love eating them when they are finished, so it’s a great partnership.

Crack an egg on someone’s head

Wait! Before you run around throwing eggs at people’s heads, empty them out first, let them dry a bit, and fill them with confetti. It’s becoming a wider spread tradition from where they are first thought to originate in Mexico. So, in the few days before Easter, instead of cracking your eggs for omelets, just tap the top until you get small hole, pour the egg out and set it aside to dry. Then dye the shell and fill with confetti (and if you’re especially evil: glitter) before covering the opening with paper or tape. What a fun way to let the kids break eggs on each other’s heads with no (huge) mess.

Easter Breakfast

Whether you cook a huge breakfast of ham and eggs, make rainbow pancakes, or just let the kids eat their candy before the big Easter brunch. Easter breakfast is always a fun way to celebrate a wonderful holiday. I like to make something fun (and easy for me) like overnight cinnamon rolls with bright colored frosting. Just separate the frosting and add different colors of dye to each bowl. While the rolls are still warm from the oven put the frosting on, the different colors will mix together and make a marble frosting effect. What a yummy way to start a busy day!

Non Candy Easter Baskets

This is a big tradition in my house. Since the girls get way too much candy at their dad’s house, I try and scale back the sugar for Easter (they will get loads of candy at the Easter Egg hunt anyway). There is a ton of cute and healthy ways to fill a basket, just ask Pinterest. I love filling a piping bag with goldfish or Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies to make an orange carrot. I also throw in fun toys; things like egg shaped sidewalk chalk, new coloring books, My Little Pony socks (that I got for 25 cents after Christmas), and of course their traditional Easter flexi.

Decorate an Easter Tree

In Germany, it’s tradition to hang painted eggs from a tree for Easter. I am already envisioning having a cute little tree in the house and painting craft eggs with the kids. How fun would that be!? Get creative and decorate them with ribbons, buttons, and string. You could make this a yearly tradition and make a new egg each year with the kids, similar to Christmas ornaments.

Have an Easter Fire

While this is mainly a European tradition, I look for any reason to have a fire in my backyard fire pit. The fires are lit on Saturday evening and some stay lit and fed until dawn. This is becoming more wide spread with many of the bonfires turning into a festival of sorts with food vendors and rides for the kids. Originally the fires were built using leftover Christmas trees thereby tying Christmas and Easter together as the birth and death of Christ. Hmm, I think my Christmas tree is still sitting on my wood pile, it would make a good fire.

Have a movie night

Everyone is going to be exhausted at the end of the day. Thank God for Easter Monday (for those of you who get a day off of work or just call in sick). Sit down and watch a fun family movie to unwind. My kids are obsessed with Charlie Brown, so this year will definitely be It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown for us!

Roll the eggs

While the White House might have an egg roll on their flat lawn, try the Irish and Scottish version by rolling your pretty eggs down a steep hill. If you live in my part of the world, pick a hill with no gopher holes, or you will never see your pretty eggs again. This would be a great way to wear out the kids, let them take one egg up at a time and roll it down, once it’s at the bottom, give them another egg to take to the top and roll. Just don’t expect to eat the dirty eggs afterwards. Maybe try it with plastic eggs?

Make an Easter Kite

In Bermuda kites are flown to celebrate the ascension of Christ into the heavens. You could have a fun tradition of kite making with your family. Make one big one together or have everyone make their own and decorate them. April is perfect here for flying kites with nice spring breezes and warm sunshine.


If you use plastic eggs (or come home with grocery bags of them after the Easter Egg hunt like we do), there are a ton of ways to use them after the holiday. That way you don’t feel so bad about throwing out tons of plastic eggs all at once, it can be spread out over the whole year.

What Easter traditions do you already do, or want to do, as a family?