Easy DIY curtains for under $10

I wanted to update my daughters room, but I don’t have a lot of money to spend around the house. Looking around the store, I wasn’t happy with their selection of curtains. Anything I actually liked was upwards of $10 per panel. $40 is two weeks worth of groceries for us, there was no way I could spend that on curtains. I knew instead that I would have to be creative with what I could find.



I found two fabric shower curtains on clearance for $4 a piece, the colors were perfect to match her “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” sign that Grandma gave her. I love that shower curtains are made with such heavy fabric and are much more sturdy than a lot of the curtains I found in the stores. 9 times out of 10 I just buy a couple of shower curtains rather than regular curtains, they are larger and heavier for a cheaper price. Makes perfect sense to me (right?).



I wanted to have two panels for each window, and since the shower curtains are about 5 feet wide I had plenty of room to play with. Simply folding the shower curtains in half and slicing them down the middle only took me a few minutes. I would have been done sooner, but I had two little “helpers”.  There are already blinds on the windows so I decided not to sew a second layer for insulation. I may go back and add one before winter. The dark fabric blocks most of the light that comes in through the blinds so they are perfect for summer.

Untitled design

A simple hem to make it look neat

I am not very good at sewing, but this was a simple straight line, even I could do it. I also folded over the top, since it had holes sewn into it for clipping to the shower rings. Two seams per curtain only took me 5 minutes for each panel (I’m slow, give me a break). I made sure that the top seam had plenty of space for the curtain rod. I hate it when the openings are too small and you have to struggle to open and close the curtains.


sit back and enjoy

All in all, not bad for an hours work. I am planning on taking them down next week and sewing a strip of yellow fabric about 6 inches from the bottom to add some length and color. Now on to the kitchen curtains. I am feeling much more comfortable around the sewing machine after this easy project and plan on tackling something a little more complex for the kitchen.

What sort of sewing projects do you enjoy? Do you prefer easy sewing, or a more challenging project?