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Why I don't coupon - Coupons aren't for everyone. Save without spending hours on finding and clipping ot coupons.

Why I don’t coupon

I loved hearing my sister boast about her latest coupon-ing excursion, how she only spent $5 on a $50 shopping trip. I was always jealous of her skill, until I asked her to help me start coupon-ing myself. I was astounded by the amount of time that was spent researching deals and comparing them to […]

How to decorate on a budget

I love my house, mixed in with the seemingly endless amount of toys underfoot, I decorate with fun and eclectic pieces that do not go together in any way. The nice thing is that I did not pay a lot of money for anything in our house, I am a firm believer in never buying new (with very few exceptions). I […]

Can't afford a new wardrobe? Dress fabulously without spending a lot.

Best deals on Thrift Store Clothes

You have all seen the current trend of thrift shopping, buying old fashioned clothes or re-making them into something fun. It’s not so fun for the people who have no other choice. But on the bright side, I have been hip for a long time! I was all about thrift shopping and capsule wardrobes before […]

Discount foods are a great way to save a ton of money on the grocery budget. Save over 50% each month.

10 foods to buy discount

I was single and kid-free when I first heard about discount food stores and I immediately thought “green meat and moldy food” so I never shopped at one. It wasn’t “cool”. After I became a single mom, I needed to make my grocery budget stretch a lot further and I re-discovered discount food stores. These are the places that grocery stores bring dented cans, […]