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Why I don't coupon - Coupons aren't for everyone. Save without spending hours on finding and clipping ot coupons.

Why I don’t coupon

I loved hearing my sister boast about her latest coupon-ing excursion, how she only spent $5 on a $50 shopping trip. I was always jealous of her skill, until I asked her to help me start coupon-ing myself. I was astounded by the amount of time that was spent researching deals and comparing them to […]

How to decorate on a budget

I love my house, mixed in with the seemingly endless amount of toys underfoot, I decorate with fun and eclectic pieces that do not go together in any way. The nice thing is that I did not pay a lot of money for anything in our house, I am a firm believer in never buying new (with very few exceptions). I […]

Can't afford a new wardrobe? Dress fabulously without spending a lot.

Best deals on Thrift Store Clothes

You have all seen the current trend of thrift shopping, buying old fashioned clothes or re-making them into something fun. It’s not so fun for the people who have no other choice. But on the bright side, I have been hip for a long time! I was all about thrift shopping and capsule wardrobes before […]

Discount foods are a great way to save a ton of money on the grocery budget. Save over 50% each month.

10 foods to buy discount

I was single and kid-free when I first heard about discount food stores and I immediately thought “green meat and moldy food” so I never shopped at one. It wasn’t “cool”. After I became a single mom, I needed to make my grocery budget stretch a lot further and I re-discovered discount food stores. These are the places that grocery stores bring dented cans, […]

Want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to buying clothes? Follow these simple 10 commandments to make your thrift shopping trip a win!

The 10 commandments of shopping in thrift stores

Thrift store shopping is all about the thrill of the find, that perfect clothing item that you never knew you needed until you found it. Then there’s always the satisfaction of knowing that you got a great deal on it, and knowing that everyone else is secretly jealous of your fabulousness. These are the cardinal […]