Thrifty Living

Sick of the cold and snow? Start now to make your Spring smoother and more productive.

Getting an early start on spring

I know, it’s barely March and I’m talking about gardening already. But if you are the type who starts your own seeds or wants to, this is when you have to start preparing. We had a recent heat wave here, it was in the 60’s all week and the ground was completely thawed. It was […]

Anyone can save money if they apply these practical skills do their daily life. Frugality is a choice and a lifestyle.

Skills every frugal person needs

I save money using many frugal skills, my favorite is probably paying cash and following Dave Ramsey’s money system. Other than that, I save money many ways in my house by using these skills: Cooking Whether it’s cooking Mac N’ Cheese for supper instead of getting fast food, or making your own homemade bread. Cooking […]

Is life so busy that the thought of adding saving money is overwhelming? Here are simple and practical ways to save money with a hectic lifestyle.

How can I save money when I’m so busy?

I get it. It’s 6pm, you are on the way home and the thought of cooking once you get there is as appealing as cleaning under your husband’s toenails. One quick stop through the drive-thru and $20 later you and the kids are fed and happy with the busy lifestyle, but your finances aren’t. I used to live […]