Breakfast in 15

I am always in a rush in the mornings (and all the time for that matter), but I make sure that my kiddos and I sit down each morning for a filling breakfast together. My main rule is that I eat every meal with my daughters, no matter how busy I get, we sit down for breakfast and supper as a family. But between laundry, taking care of the chickens, and the garden, it’s tight to make a good hot breakfast. These are some of my favorite (and fast) breakfasts for weekday mornings:

Banana Pancakes that are simple and delicious. These are a sure hit, you will never want to eat pancakes from a mix again.


I love these not only because they taste great, but did you know that you can freeze them? I always make a large batch on Saturday or Sunday morning (like double or triple the original), then I cook the rest after we have breakfast. With only 6 ingredients, they are very cheap to make as well as fast. When you want a quick breakfast, just pull out a couple and microwave them, they taste just as good as fresh.


Breakfast Bites

These are a great snack or to-go breakfast to grab. This recipe is so easy to tweak as well, I cut out the chocolate chips and add raisins instead. My kids love them and beg me to make “bites”.


Mini Muffin Pancake Bites

Are you seeing a theme? I love small breakfast foods that I can freeze and thaw for a quick breakfast. These little beauties are great for making a big batch and freezing them, plus they are a blast to make and customize with little helpers on the weekends.

Fluffy croissants mixed with smooth cream cheese and tart strawberries makes a wonderful, and quick snack or breakfast for those busy mornings.

Strawberry cream cheese croissants

My daughters love when I make these, they are so good when they are hot from the oven. Plus I can take any extras (the rare times we have them), and throw them in my lunch bag for a quick snack later that day.

overnight-cinnamon-french-toast-recipeCinnamon French Toast Sticks

Honestly, if you aren’t doing French Toast this way you are missing out. Especially with little ones, cut the French Toast into sticks now and give each of the little mess makers a ramekin of syrup to dip the sticks in, they love it! One great way I do this is I use Homemade Bread and slice it into thick strips, it’s so good!


Easy breakfast pizza

This is a great breakfast if you’re not in the mood for a sweet breakfast, a great mix of flavors. This is a great recipe to tweak to make it exactly how you like it.