Meet Ms. FF

Hey you, yes you!

I started this website to help people exactly like you. People who love to be doing things. Anyone who loves to get outside and complete a project rather than pay someone else to do it. The person who wants to live a frugal lifestyle but doesn’t know where to start. Anyone who likes chickens… okay, I can be a little bit flexible on that point. Who doesn’t like chickens though? People who can’t fully be trusted, that’s who!

I became a single mother when I was pregnant with my second child and it felt like I was re-learning how to walk. I had to learn how to do life on my own again (well not all alone, with two little ones along for the ride). After being a stay at home mom I had to re-join the working world and put my daughters into the care of others while I brought home the bacon.

I started this website as a way to share with others how I stretched my paychecks to cover all the necessities, but then I learned how much I love finances. I am currently building a business out of my home as a bookkeeper so that I can stay home with my children. Budgeting and financial equations are my passion. I love helping others to feel the same financial freedom that I have experienced through learning about finances and how to keep them in my control. Not the other way around.

If you are interested in learning how to make your money work for you, or even just how to make amazing bread, I am the lady with the know-how. If you are interested in working with me, check out the “Work with me here!” tab, otherwise you can check me out on Pinterest, or Facebook.