50 ways to save money on a limited income

I love saving money!

The rush of the sale, the thrill of finding a better price, and the victory of putting money into savings on a single mom’s income. These are a few of my favorite ways to save.

This post does contain some affiliate links which I make a small commission on. The cool thing is that it doesn’t cost you any extra, and everything I recommend is something that I have used and I think is pretty neat!

  1. Make a menu plan
  2. Grocery shop for things that are on your grocery list ONLY
  3. Brown bag it for lunch
  4. Make your own coffee at home or at work (I do both)
  5. Learn to change your own oil
  6. Organize your fridge, keep an eye on things about to go bad and make sure to use them before that happens
  7. Keep a stockpile, stock up on what you use when it’s on sale
  8. Have a week where you only eat from what you have in your stockpile/fridge, no shopping trips. You will learn how to be creative with what you have.
  9. Make your own baby wipes0922162120a
  10. Learn how to freeze, dehydrate, or can extra food instead of letting it go to waste
  11. Soak your fruit right away in a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water, then rinse, to make them last 3 times as long
  12. Make your own laundry detergent (cheap and it’s GREAT for sensitive skin)
  13. Re-use or re-purpose boxes, tin foil, and wax paper before you throw it out
  14. Use a service like ThredUp to sell your old clothes (plus you can get $10 FREE when you use the link)
  15. Cut up junk mail letters for taking notes rather than tossing it
  16. If you have the time, learn to coupon (or use a website like coupons.com)
  17. Shop the discount store first, before going to the grocery store
  18. Shop around, sometimes you can find something online for half the price
  19. Plan out a budget, if you aren’t good at budgeting, find a program that will help you build oneDSC01736
  20. Learn to cook simple, cheap meals that everyone likes to save time and money
  21. Use fillers like bread, pasta, rice, cabbage, etc. in your meals to stretch your food further
  22. Check your labels, often times the store brand has the exact same ingredients as the expensive brand
  23. Before you buy new, check the classifieds, craigslist, or Facebook to see if you can get it used
  24. Learn to shop thrift stores before buying new
  25. Learn to fix or mend something rather than throw it away
  26. Use cash-back websites like Ebates to get money back (you can even get money back when you shop in the physical store)
  27. Trade favors like babysitting or housesitting rather than hiring someone to do it
  28. Hang your laundry out, or use an indoor drying rack
  29. Start working out at home, they have great videos online you can follow for free
  30. Shop for the cheapest, I use Zaycon Fresh to buy all natural meat in bulk at a HUGE discount1013162116
  31. Barter rather than buy. See if that person with the apple tree will take some homemade pumpkin bread in trade for a bushel of apples. The worst they can say is no, right?
  32. Shop the dollar store
  33. Write down one financial goal each month to accomplish (pay off $50 extra on a bill, save $100 extra, etc.)
  34. Compost, great for both your garden and garbage bill
  35. Link up to your local library. My local library has e-books and audiobooks that I can read or listen to on my phone for FREE!14100475_330621560611741_4585406175237566249_n
  36. Homestead. Even in a small yard you can save a lot of money
  37. See if your utilities company has a budget plan, it’s much easier to budget when the bill is the same amount each month
  38. Have a yard sale (but do it right)
  39. Cloth diaper (it sounds gross, but it’s not bad at all and they’re SO CUTE!)
  40. Cut down the time you use your dryer by using dryer balls (and you can make your own)
  41. Make a capsule wardrobe so you don’t spend money on clothes you won’t wear
  42. Get rid of your cable!
  43. Get rid of your cellphone contract and do a monthly plan (I only spend $45 a month)
  44. Make your own bread/cakes/muffins (much cheaper and more healthy)
  45. Drink more water, after a while you won’t even want soda 1015160958a
  46. Make some money on the side (I work with Lilla Rose as an independent consultant and I love it! Send me a message if you want more info)
  47. Learn a new hobby. Knit yourself some new potholders or scarves so you won’t have to buy them at the store
  48. Shop for Christmas throughout the year rather than spending a ton of money last minute
  49. Recycle those old newspapers, bottles, and cans. Save money on the trash bill
  50. Go through your subscriptions (magazines, newspapers, tv networks) and get rid of anything you can get online for free

What is your favorite way to save money?