5 Easy ways to use Peppermint Oil to save money

I have always liked the smell of Peppermint essential oils, but I became obsessed with it after reading that spiders don’t like it and will try to stay away from it. I use Peppermint oil as many ways as I can, not just for its ability to keep the creepy crawlies away. Here are a few of my favorite go-to uses for peppermint oil:

  1. Use it to mop the floors. I bought one of those cheap spray mops at Target for $10 (it works wonderfully by the way), and since I always wash my floor with vinegar and water, I just add three or four drops of peppermint to the mix. My house smells wonderful afterwards and I love knowing I have a clean floor with no chemicals at a fraction of the cost of those expensive organic cleaners.
  2. Runny noses are a thing of the past. Since my children go to daycare, it seems like one or the other always has the sniffles. That means that we have a humidifier running in our house non-stop every night. I used to use Tea Tree oil to help them breathe better, but switched it out for peppermint which seems to clear the nasal cavities much better. It makes for sure faster recovery and fewer expensive doctor visits.
  3. Dry your clothes. Since I divert my dryer vent inside during the winter to help save heating costs, I loved the idea of getting rid of the chemicals from store-bought dryer sheets, instead I made my own alternative. Now, when I switch on my dryer, I throw in my homemade dryer balls, one of which I pour a few drops of Peppermint Oil on so that my clothes come out of the dryer smelling fresh and clean.
  4. Cleaning carpet. Just like with my hardwood floors (and everything else in my house), I wash any stains or spills in my carpet with vinegar. I keep a spray bottle (you can get them at the dollar store) full of vinegar/water mixed with a few drops of Peppermint oil mixed in. When a spill happens, I just grab the spray bottle and wipe out the stain.
  5. Flavor door frames in the fall. Every year once the first cold snap hits, I start finding spiders in my house. Since I scream whenever I see the little buggers, I wipe my window and door frames down with a mix of Peppermint oil and Witch Hazel (to keep it from just evaporating off). The disgusting creatures taste with their feet, any strong citrus or minty oil will work, they don’t like the taste and will try to stay away from it. It’s much cheaper, and much better for you than those yucky bug bombs.

Do you use Peppermint oil in your house, or