30 Minute Bargain Shopping Challenge

“I can’t leave it here, it will be lonely without me!”

With so many activities and priorities vying for my attention it can put strain on an already tight schedule. One big thing that saves me a lot of time (not to mention money), is shopping. I do all my thrift clothes shopping during my lunch break, which is only 30 minutes. Impossible, you say? Here are the ways that I am able to get in my alone shopping time on my lunch break.

09211616481Write it down

I make a list so I know what I am looking for before I even go. Then I can pick one or two things off my list to focus on during the shopping trip. I always have a list in my purse that I add to as I think of things. My rule is that I have to be able to make 3 outfits with what I already have before I add something to my wardrobe. That keeps me from constantly having new items added to my wardrobe and then never having anything to wear them with.


Skim, don’t browse

It takes forever to flip through every top, and then it’s too easy for me to get distracted from what I was originally looking for (I have a short attention span… oh look, squirrel!). I skim along the top of the shirts to find the color(s) I am looking for, then I can check to see if it is the style I want. This saves me a ton of time (usually). I skim along, and the BAM, there’s a sparkly gold sweater (honestly gold AND sparkly), that was the best rabbit trail I ever went down. So skim, but be open to sparkly gold rabbit trails.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

If I didn’t wear heels today, I make sure to swing by the shoes sections and grab a pair in my size. They don’t have to be something I would buy, but I want to make sure that I am seeing how the clothing will look the way I want to wear it. How can I tell how great my legs will look in that pencil skirt without heels?

Dress for Success

If I know I am going to the thrift shop on my lunch break I make sure to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put on. I want to be able to try on the clothes I pick out without spending 15 minutes putting my regular clothes back on. That means I wear shirts without buttons and slip on skirts or pants, no complicated layering or necklaces either.

Try it on

When I know I will be pressed for time, so I grab two or three of the type of items I am looking for and head for the fitting rooms. It might look great on the hanger but I won’t know how it will fit until I try it on. In the same idea, it might look horrible on the hangar, but once I try it on it could look great. Don’t judge a blouse by it’s hangar.

Love it!

If you don’t absolutely love something and get the feeling ‘I can’t leave it here, it will be lonely without me!’, then don’t buy it. It saves a lot of money and closet space. I have a rule that unless I can make three outfits with existing pieces I own, AND I can’t leave it there, I buy it. That’s the reason why I wear everything in my closet and haven’t had to do a purge in years.

What would you add to this list to make 30 minutes more productive?