10 things you can do to lower to your heat bill

And no, I am not telling you, turn your thermostat down to 65 degrees. I would freeze. I settle for 68 and am still freezing if I sit still too long. These are 10 ways to lower to heat bill.

Cover the windows

The windows are one of the biggest energy waster there is. In the summer they let in heat, in the winter they let it out. I make sure that all of the windows in my house have heavy blinds as well as insulated curtains to cover them. In the bedrooms I even use plastic window kits to help keep out any drafts.

Seal the cracks

At the bottom of my front and back door I can feel a distinct drop in temperature. Finally I started hunting for the source and found that the bottom of the doors were letting in cold air. I sat down one evening and simply sewed a draft stopper to place against the bottom of the door when we’re home. I can feel the difference in my whole house with less drafts.

Invest in sweaters and fuzzy socks

I hate bundling up. I always want to lay around in a t-shirt in winter inside my house. Luckily, my dislike of sweaters and fuzzy socks is trumped by my dislike of paying ridiculous heating bills. I tend to watch a lot of movies this time of year. I cuddle up on the couch with my kids under a big blanket and turn down the thermostat a few degrees for the time of the movie.

Check your filter

I change out the air filter in my intake every other month when I have my heat running. As the lint and dust build up on the filter the heating system has to work a lot harder to produce the heat. A simple $3 fix that will save a ton in energy.

Use the dryer

While I am all about air drying and saving money on energy, when it comes to towels and blankets, I always dry those in the dryer in the winter. I am convinced my homemade dryer balls make them fluffier and therefor warmer. I pull the dryer vent out of the wall, fill in the outside hole with insulation and cover the dryer hose with some pantyhose to keep in any lint. The dryer hot air is blowing inside and making it nice and warm, not to mention adding much needed humidity to the air.

Pick your rooms

I don’t get back in my back room much in the winter, we tend to congregate in the living room and kitchen when it’s cold out. I partially cover my air vent with cardboard and close the door in the winter to keep that room cooler. The same with my bedroom, I don’t mind the colder air since I am tucked up nice and warm under the covers, but I appreciate the savings. My kids room on the other hand, is always nice and warm. I don’t mind the chilly air, but I don’t want them in it.

Use your oven when it counts

This is the season of baking and all things homemade, which is wonderful if you don’t want to spend extra on heating. I bake something every evening in cool weather, whether it’s homemade bread, or baked French fries. When they are done in the oven, I crack the door open to let the heat escape into the house while the oven cools. It always brings the temperature in the house up a few degrees.

Turn on the fan

Remember the old adage, ‘heat rises’? When I have my oven door cracked, I turn on the ceiling fan in the living room to it’s lowest setting. It moves the warm air down and makes the whole house smell like pumpkin muffins or sugar cookies. Plus it freshens the air, which can start feeling stale when the house is closed up against the cold.

Bring out the rugs

I have the most beautiful hardwood floor in the main area of my house. It is beautiful dark wood, and it is cold, cold, cold in the winter. When I first moved in I rolled out my big rug, which is probably 20 years old and definitely now new. In the kitchen I make sure I have a woven rug in from of the sink to keep my feet warm while doing dishes and in the bathroom I braided some old towels into a rug for in front of the sink. Keeping those toesies warm will help you not feel chilly.

Don’t take hot showers

The quickest way to get me to turn the thermostat up is if I take a blistering hot shower. It feels great while I’m in the water, but once I come out, I am freezing! I make my water feel just a bit chillier than I would like it, during the shower my body adjusts to the temperature and doesn’t feel so cold. When I get out I make sure I am completely dry and get dressed right away in warm clothes to keep in the warmth of the shower. That keeps me away from the thermostat.Lower your heating bills without lowering your thermostat

What do you do in the winter to keep your costs down? I am always interested in learning new ways to save on expenses.